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Scheduled Races
The Office of the Secretary of State files and certifies the following offices:
  • federal
  • statewide
  • multi-county judicial and legislative districts.

For single-county jurisdictions, please contact the county elections office.

Select the year of election and the county of the jurisdiction.

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Command item
DistrictLead CountyCountyOfficeTermIncumbentFiling Fee
Court of Appeals, Division 1, District 1KingKingJudge Position 26-year Regular term, NonpartisanLori K. Smith $2,134.00
Court of Appeals, Division 1, District 1KingKingJudge Position 34-year Unexpired term, NonpartisanJ. Michael Diaz$2,134.00
Court of Appeals, Division 2, District 1PiercePierceJudge Position 26-year Short & Full term, NonpartisanMeng Li Che$2,097.30
Benton, Franklin Superior CourtBentonBenton, FranklinJudge Position 31-year Unexpired term, NonpartisanDiana Ruff$2,031.69
CLARK SUPERIOR COURTClarkClarkJudge Department No. 101-year Unexpired term, NonpartisanTsering Cornell$1,996.75
Jefferson Superior CourtJeffersonJeffersonJudge Position 14-year Short & Full term, NonpartisanBrandon Mack$2,031.69
KING COUNTY SUPERIOR COURTKingKingJudge Position 101-year Unexpired term, NonpartisanJaime Hawk$2,031.69
KING COUNTY SUPERIOR COURTKingKingJudge Position 391-year Unexpired term, NonpartisanJoe Campagna$2,031.69
Mason Superior CourtMasonMasonJudge Position 11-year Unexpired term, NonpartisanCadine Ferguson-Brown$2,031.69
Pierce Superior CourtPiercePierceJudge Position 014-year Short & Full term, NonpartisanTaTeasha Davis$1,996.75
Spokane Superior CourtSpokaneSpokaneJudge Position 71-year Unexpired term, NonpartisanJacquelyn High-Edward$1,996.75
Spokane Superior CourtSpokaneSpokaneJudge Position 81-year Unexpired term, NonpartisanMarla Polin$1,996.75