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Scheduled Races
The Office of the Secretary of State files and certifies the following offices:
  • federal
  • statewide
  • multi-county judicial and legislative districts.

For single-county jurisdictions, please contact the county elections office.

Select the year of election and the county of the jurisdiction.

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DistrictLead CountyCountyOfficeTermIncumbentFiling Fee
PORT DISTRICT 2WahkiakumWahkiakumCommissioner 36-year Regular term, NonpartisanAustin T. Burkhalter$13.68
TOWN OF CATHLAMETWahkiakumWahkiakumCouncil Position No. 34-year Short & Full term, NonpartisanJoe Baker$10.00
FIRE PROTECT DIST 3WahkiakumWahkiakumCommissioner #26-year Regular term, NonpartisanMichael J Whalen$0.00
SCHOOL DISTRICT #155PacificPacific, WahkiakumDirector District 14-year Regular term, NonpartisanTyson Vogeler$0.00
SCHOOL DISTRICT #155PacificPacific, WahkiakumDirector District 34-year Regular term, NonpartisanAris Campbell$0.00
SKAMOKAWA WATER-SEWER DISTWahkiakumWahkiakumCommissioner 16-year Short & Full term, NonpartisanLevi Helms$12.48
CEMETERY DISTRICT 1WahkiakumWahkiakumCommissioner #16-year Regular term, NonpartisanCathy LaBerge$0.00
TOWN OF CATHLAMETWahkiakumWahkiakumCouncil Position No. 14-year Regular term, NonpartisanRobert Stowe$10.00
TOWN OF CATHLAMETWahkiakumWahkiakumCouncil Position No. 24-year Short & Full term, NonpartisanKermit Chamberlin$10.00
FIRE PROTECT DIST 1WahkiakumWahkiakumCommissioner #26-year Regular term, NonpartisanRonald Kimmel$0.00
FIRE PROTECT DIST 2WahkiakumWahkiakumCommissioner #26-year Regular term, NonpartisanOliver van den Berghe$0.00
FIRE PROTECT DIST 4WahkiakumWahkiakumCommissioner #26-year Regular term, NonpartisanJames McCoy$13.68
PORT DISTRICT 1WahkiakumWahkiakumCommissioner #12-year Unexpired term, NonpartisanJames Sorensen$13.68
PORT DISTRICT 1WahkiakumWahkiakumCommissioner #26-year Regular term, NonpartisanScott Anderson $13.68
SCHOOL DISTRICT 200WahkiakumWahkiakumDirector #24-year Regular term, NonpartisanPaula Culbertson$0.00
SCHOOL DISTRICT 200WahkiakumWahkiakumDirector #4 - At Large4-year Regular term, NonpartisanPatty Anderson$0.00