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Number of offices: 116
Number of candidates: 128
Select the Primary Election of the year to see all candidates who filed for office. After the end of the filing period, the election status displays which offices appear on the Primary Election ballot. The General Election for each year populates after the Primary Election is certified.

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CongressionalCONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT 5U.S. RepresentativeRegular2Ann Marie DanimusPO BOX 11101, SPOKANE VALLEY, WA, 99211[email protected](509) 553-84265/16/2022 12:19:28 PMDEMOCRATIC Active 
CongressionalCONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT 5U.S. RepresentativeRegular2Natasha HillPO BOX 3401, SPOKANE, WA, 99201[email protected](509) 540-30425/16/2022 12:37:49 PMDEMOCRATIC Active 
StatewideStatewideSecretary of StateUnexpired2Julie Anderson3801 N 27TH ST UNIT 7111, TACOMA, WA, 98417[email protected](253) 281-57855/16/2022 9:12:52 AMNONPARTISAN Active 
StatewideStatewideSecretary of StateUnexpired2Steve Hobbs3309 114TH DR NE, LAKE STEVENS, WA, 98258[email protected](360) 322-46375/16/2022 9:13:27 AMDEMOCRATIC Active 
StatewideStatewideSecretary of StateUnexpired2Bob HagglundP.O. BOX 1125, LAKE STEVENS, WA, 98258[email protected](425) 835-31355/16/2022 12:11:25 PMREPUBLICAN Active 
StatewideStatewideSecretary of StateUnexpired2Keith L. WagonerP.O. BOX 8055, BONNEY LAKE, WA, 98391[email protected]orsecstate.com() -5/16/2022 1:49:10 PMREPUBLICAN Active 
LegislativeLegislative District 3State Representative Pos. 1Regular2Marcus RiccelliPO BOX 1325, SPOKANE, WA, 99210[email protected](509) 465-43055/16/2022 9:21:42 AMDEMOCRATIC Active 
LegislativeLegislative District 3State Representative Pos. 1Regular2Scotty NicolPO BOX 9265, SPOKANE, WA, 99209[email protected](509) 676-42405/16/2022 11:33:59 AMREPUBLICAN Active 
LegislativeLegislative District 3State Representative Pos. 2Regular2Timm OrmsbyPO BOX 2177, SPOKANE, WA, 99210-2177[email protected](509) 389-82885/16/2022 1:14:20 PMDEMOCRATIC Active 
LegislativeLegislative District 3State Representative Pos. 2Regular2Patrick K. Spurlock1804 W BROADWAY AVE, SPOKANE, WA, 99201 (509) 879-73695/16/2022 4:35:28 PMSTATES NO PARTY PREFERENCE Active 
LegislativeLegislative District 4State Representative Pos. 1Regular2Suzanne Schmidt9116 E SPRAGUE #470, SPOKANE VALLEY, WA, 99206[email protected](509) 991-56455/16/2022 1:44:06 PMREPUBLICAN Active 
LegislativeLegislative District 4State Representative Pos. 2Regular2Rob ChaseP.O. BOX 612, LIBERTY LAKE, WA, 99019[email protected](509) 279-59225/16/2022 3:00:35 PMREPUBLICAN Active 
LegislativeLegislative District 6State SenatorRegular4Jeff HolyPO BOX 40231, SPOKANE, WA, 99220[email protected](509) 747-58405/16/2022 10:39:04 AMREPUBLICAN Active 
LegislativeLegislative District 6State Representative Pos. 1Regular2Mike VolzPO BOX 10163, SPOKANE, WA, 99209[email protected](509) 951-81905/16/2022 2:12:27 PMREPUBLICAN Active 
LegislativeLegislative District 6State Representative Pos. 2Regular2Jenny GrahamPO BOX 48654, SPOKANE, WA, 99228[email protected](509) 505-73665/16/2022 5:57:13 PMREPUBLICAN Active 
LegislativeLegislative District 7State SenatorRegular4Shelly ShortPO BOX 37, ADDY, WA, 99101[email protected](509) 994-74305/16/2022 8:00:00 AMREPUBLICAN Active 
LegislativeLegislative District 7State Representative Pos. 1Regular2Jacquelin MaycumberPO BOX 945, Republican, WA, 99166[email protected](509) 994-74305/16/2022 8:00:00 AMREPUBLICAN Active 
LegislativeLegislative District 7State Representative Pos. 2Regular2Joel KretzPO BOX 164, ADDY, WA, 99101[email protected](509) 994-74305/16/2022 8:00:00 AMREPUBLICAN Active 
CommissionerCOUNTY COMMISSIONER DISTRICT NO. 1Commissioner District 1Regular2Kim PlesePO BOX 9685, SPOKANE, WA, 99209[email protected](509) 953-23555/16/2022 3:38:43 PMREPUBLICAN Active 
CommissionerCOUNTY COMMISSIONER DISTRICT NO. 2Commissioner District 2Regular4Amber WaldrefPO BOX 4812, SPOKANE, WA, 99207[email protected]() -5/16/2022 8:57:04 AMDEMOCRAT Active 
CommissionerCOUNTY COMMISSIONER DISTRICT NO. 2Commissioner District 2Regular4Michael CathcartPO BOX 7599, SPOKANE, WA, 99217[email protected](509) 999-83155/16/2022 9:05:45 AMREPUBLICAN Active 
CommissionerCOUNTY COMMISSIONER DISTRICT NO. 3Commissioner District 3Regular2Josh KernsPO BOX 1715, MEAD, WA, 99021[email protected](509) 991-41095/16/2022 11:46:52 AMREPUBLICAN Active 
CommissionerCOUNTY COMMISSIONER DISTRICT NO. 4Commissioner District 4Regular4Mary KuneyP.O. BOX 13103, SPOKANE VALLEY, WA, 99213[email protected](509) 342-15735/16/2022 12:21:49 PMREPUBLICAN Active 
CommissionerCOUNTY COMMISSIONER DISTRICT NO. 5Commissioner District 5Regular2Don A Harmon2909 S ASSEMBLY RD , SPOKANE, WA, 99224 (509) 951-25505/16/2022 10:56:48 AMREPUBLICAN Active 
CommissionerCOUNTY COMMISSIONER DISTRICT NO. 5Commissioner District 5Regular2Al FrenchPO BOX 10660, SPOKANE, WA, 99209[email protected](509) 994-43515/16/2022 11:45:33 AMREPUBLICAN Active 
CountywideCountyAssessorRegular4Tom KonisPO Box 634, Mead, WA, 99021[email protected](509) 951-62045/16/2022 8:35:27 AMREPUBLICAN Active 
CountywideCountyAuditorRegular4Vicky M DaltonPO BOX 40356, SPOKANE, WA, 99220[email protected](509) 996-59625/16/2022 5:25:05 PMDEMOCRATIC Active 
CountywideCountyClerkRegular4Tim FitzgeraldPO Box 1679, Deer Park, WA, 99006[email protected](509) 262-46745/16/2022 8:39:08 AMREPUBLICAN Active 
CountywideCountyProsecuting AttorneyRegular4Larry Haskell6107 S LOCHSA DR, SPOKANE, WA, 99206[email protected]() -5/16/2022 11:00:55 AMREPUBLICAN Active 
CountywideCountyTreasurerRegular4Michael BaumgartnerPO BOX 171, SPOKANE, WA, 99210[email protected](509) 847-95685/16/2022 2:01:58 PMREPUBLICAN Active 
JudicialSUPREME COURTJustice Position #01Regular6Mary I. YuP.O. BOX 21961, SEATTLE, WA, 98111[email protected](206) 382-55525/16/2022 9:06:22 AM  Active 
JudicialSUPREME COURTJustice Position #05Regular6Barbara MadsenPO BOX 9100, SEATTLE, WA, 98109[email protected](206) 745-20105/16/2022 10:52:16 AM  Active 
JudicialSUPREME COURTJustice Position #06Regular6G. Helen WhitenerPO BOX 23037, SEATTLE, WA, 98102[email protected](253) 222-36735/16/2022 9:33:59 AM  Active 
CountywideCountyDistrict Court Judge 1Regular4Patrick T Johnson1505 E DEVOE LN , SPOKANE, WA, 99217[email protected](509) 991-90475/16/2022 8:31:45 AM  Active 
CountywideCountyDistrict Court Judge 2Regular4Jeffrey R. SmithPO BOX 10216, SPOKANE, WA, 99209[email protected](509) 991-69625/16/2022 9:52:24 AM  Active 
CountywideCountyDistrict Court Judge 5Regular4Jennifer L. FassbenderP.O. BOX 30352, SPOKANE, WA, 99223[email protected]() -5/16/2022 1:02:13 PM  Active 
CountywideCountyDistrict Court Judge 6Regular4Deanna CrullPO Box 21029, Spokane, WA, 99201[email protected](509) 939-63775/16/2022 8:48:48 AM  Active 
CountywideCountyDistrict Court Judge 8Regular4Richard M. Leland6504 S PITTSBURG ST , SPOKANE, WA, 99223[email protected](509) 768-18845/16/2022 8:45:23 AM  Active 
Public UtilityPUBLIC UTILITY DISTRICT 1Commissioner #1Regular6Wade A CarpenterPO BOX 166, LOON LAKE, WA, 99148[email protected](509) 680-20915/16/2022 9:15:36 AM  Active 
PRECINCT3102Precinct Committee Officer - DemocraticRegular2Amber Waldref1204 E BALDWIN AVE, SPOKANE, WA, 99207 () -5/16/2022 8:58:22 AM  Active 
PRECINCT3200Precinct Committee Officer - RepublicanRegular2Kelly Lotze1910 W 1ST AVE APT 1, SPOKANE, WA, 99201 () -5/16/2022 9:36:18 AM  Active 
PRECINCT3202Precinct Committee Officer - DemocraticRegular2John Lemus515 W SPRAGUE AVE APT 325, SPOKANE, WA, 99201[email protected](509) 951-03805/16/2022 1:12:31 PM  Active 
PRECINCT3216Precinct Committee Officer - RepublicanRegular2Elizabeth Petric-Carley1507 S MOUNT VERNON ST, SPOKANE, WA, 99223[email protected]() -5/16/2022 1:38:56 PM  Active 
PRECINCT3218Precinct Committee Officer - DemocraticRegular2Andy BilligPO BOX 145, SPOKANE, WA, 99210[email protected](509) 990-92195/16/2022 9:14:01 AM  Active 
PRECINCT3218Precinct Committee Officer - RepublicanRegular2Dave LucasPO BOX 4361, SPOKANE, WA, 99220[email protected](509) 540-32835/16/2022 1:30:37 PM  Active 
PRECINCT3220Precinct Committee Officer - DemocraticRegular2David GreenPO BOX 4002, SPOKANE, WA, 99220[email protected](509) 931-13615/16/2022 10:45:51 AM  Active 
PRECINCT3222Precinct Committee Officer - RepublicanRegular2Joshua Hoch2127 W PACIFIC AVE APT F, SPOKANE, WA, 99201[email protected](509) 638-94085/16/2022 10:01:26 AM  Active 
PRECINCT3223Precinct Committee Officer - DemocraticRegular2Stephen Kirby1312 N MONROE ST, SPOKANE, WA, 99201 () -5/16/2022 9:51:22 AM  Active 
PRECINCT3231Precinct Committee Officer - DemocraticRegular2Brian Desautels1919 S ONEIDA PL, SPOKANE, WA, 99203[email protected]() -5/16/2022 9:23:13 AM  Active 
PRECINCT3234Precinct Committee Officer - DemocraticRegular2Tom Shrum135 W 31ST AVE, SPOKANE, WA, 99203[email protected](509) 953-80985/16/2022 3:02:12 PM  Active 
PRECINCT3234Precinct Committee Officer - RepublicanRegular2Tim Kinley129 W 34TH AVE , SPOKANE, WA, 99203[email protected]() -5/16/2022 11:20:41 AM  Active 
PRECINCT3237Precinct Committee Officer - DemocraticRegular2Karen Mobley3515 S LEE ST, SPOKANE, WA, 99203[email protected](509) 624-57645/16/2022 12:22:31 PM  Active 
PRECINCT3240Precinct Committee Officer - DemocraticRegular2Elliot A Fabric104 W HIGH DR, SPOKANE, WA, 99203 () -5/16/2022 9:07:28 AM  Active 
PRECINCT3247Precinct Committee Officer - RepublicanRegular2Al FrenchPO BOX 10660, SPOKANE, WA, 99209[email protected](509) 994-43515/16/2022 11:48:13 AM  Active 
PRECINCT3250Precinct Committee Officer - DemocraticRegular2Paula Lantsberger912 E DONEGAL AVE, SPOKANE, WA, 99223 () -5/16/2022 12:25:18 PM  Active 
PRECINCT3251Precinct Committee Officer - DemocraticRegular2Dan Lambert4507 S PERRY ST , SPOKANE, WA, 99223[email protected](509) 862-96505/16/2022 12:10:51 PM  Active 
PRECINCT3254Precinct Committee Officer - DemocraticRegular2Marc Gibian1208 W BOLAN AVE, SPOKANE, WA, 99224[email protected]() -5/16/2022 1:01:18 PM  Active 
PRECINCT3254Precinct Committee Officer - DemocraticRegular2Althea Weber711 W BOLAN AVE, SPOKANE, WA, 99224 () -5/16/2022 1:04:28 PM  Active 
PRECINCT3320Precinct Committee Officer - RepublicanRegular2Katherine SchneiderPO BOX 10076, SPOKANE, WA, 99209[email protected](509) 270-47445/16/2022 2:29:34 PM  Active 
PRECINCT3321Precinct Committee Officer - DemocraticRegular2Andy McGee2904 W RIVERVIEW DR, SPOKANE, WA, 99205 () -5/16/2022 9:10:08 AM  Active 
PRECINCT3323Precinct Committee Officer - DemocraticRegular2Lacrecia “Lu” HillPO BOX 10748, SPOKANE, WA, 99209[email protected](509) 850-01845/16/2022 1:46:42 PM  Active 
PRECINCT3325Precinct Committee Officer - DemocraticRegular2Charles Levi Green2228 W SHARP AVE, SPOKANE, WA, 99201 () -5/16/2022 3:21:00 PM  Active 
PRECINCT3327Precinct Committee Officer - DemocraticRegular2Nick CastroLang1318 W SPOFFORD AVE, SPOKANE, WA, 99205[email protected](509) 998-32555/16/2022 12:19:34 PM  Active 
PRECINCT3328Precinct Committee Officer - RepublicanRegular2Steven D Schennum1010 N EVERGREEN ST, SPOKANE, WA, 99201[email protected](509) 489-79415/16/2022 11:54:22 AM  Active 
PRECINCT3334Precinct Committee Officer - RepublicanRegular2J Ellen Sommers6815 N A ST, SPOKANE, WA, 99208[email protected]() -5/16/2022 3:57:34 PM  Active 
PRECINCT3335Precinct Committee Officer - RepublicanRegular2Ida M. Hightower5513 N DRISCOLL BLVD #2, SPOKANE, WA, 99205[email protected](206) 830-86485/16/2022 10:53:31 AM  Active 
PRECINCT4003Precinct Committee Officer - RepublicanRegular2Jordan DillPO BOX 205, COLBERT, WA, 99005[email protected](509) 993-39865/16/2022 11:02:12 AM  Active 
PRECINCT4004Precinct Committee Officer - RepublicanRegular2Kellie Rizzi10703 E DAY MT SPOKANE RD, MEAD, WA, 99021[email protected]() -5/16/2022 11:43:46 AM  Active 
PRECINCT4005Precinct Committee Officer - RepublicanRegular2Kathy Smith16725 N MADISON RD, MEAD, WA, 99021[email protected](509) 954-65085/16/2022 2:11:00 PM  Active 
PRECINCT4016Precinct Committee Officer - RepublicanRegular2Kim DeLisle4927 N EMERALD LN, SPOKANE, WA, 99212[email protected](206) 714-99375/16/2022 10:35:41 AM  Active 
PRECINCT4017Precinct Committee Officer - DemocraticRegular2Ann Marie Danimus4232 N ARGONNE RD, SPOKANE, WA, 99212[email protected](310) 383-30585/16/2022 12:22:10 PM  Active 
PRECINCT4021Precinct Committee Officer - RepublicanRegular2Ward Isom24821 E ROSEWOOD AVE, NEWMAN LAKE, WA, 99025[email protected](360) 926-55155/16/2022 9:45:37 AM  Active 
PRECINCT4024Precinct Committee Officer - RepublicanRegular2Dale L Strom4025 N ARGONNE RD, SPOKANE, WA, 99212[email protected](509) 998-97675/16/2022 3:02:05 PM  Active 
PRECINCT4030Precinct Committee Officer - DemocraticRegular2Austin Baker28413 N SELKIRK VIEW DR, CHATTAROY, WA, 99003[email protected](425) 301-80865/16/2022 12:12:58 PM  Active 
PRECINCT4035Precinct Committee Officer - RepublicanRegular2Chase Robert AbbottPO BOX 588, CHATTAROY, WA, 99003 () -5/16/2022 12:44:09 PM  Active 
PRECINCT4200Precinct Committee Officer - DemocraticRegular2Tom Topping2624 N LAURA RD, MILLWOOD, WA, 99212 () -5/16/2022 1:16:13 PM  Active 
PRECINCT4303Precinct Committee Officer - RepublicanRegular2Steve PetersonPO Box 682, Liberty Lake, WA, 99019[email protected](509) 990-05095/16/2022 8:30:00 AM  Active 
PRECINCT4411Precinct Committee Officer - RepublicanRegular2Leonard Christian10015 E 19TH AVE, SPOKANE VALLEY, WA, 99206[email protected](509) 869-53635/16/2022 9:28:43 AM  Active 
PRECINCT4426Precinct Committee Officer - DemocraticRegular2Jennie Willardson12722 E 23RD AVE, SPOKANE VALLEY, WA, 99216[email protected](509) 981-09505/16/2022 9:46:46 AM  Active 
PRECINCT4448Precinct Committee Officer - DemocraticRegular2Tim Hattenburg511 N SKIPWORTH RD, SPOKANE VALLEY, WA, 99206[email protected]() -5/16/2022 2:51:44 PM  Active 
PRECINCT4448Precinct Committee Officer - RepublicanRegular2James Pratt11113 E ALKI AVE, SPOKANE VALLEY, WA, 99206 () -5/16/2022 1:06:23 PM  Active 
PRECINCT4466Precinct Committee Officer - RepublicanRegular2Robin L Walter7800 E ALKI AVE #23, SPOKANE VALLEY, WA, 99212[email protected]() -5/16/2022 10:53:21 AM  Active 
PRECINCT4466Precinct Committee Officer - RepublicanRegular2Bryan L Bishop1319 N ELTON RD, SPOKANE VALLEY, WA, 99212 () -5/16/2022 11:32:41 AM  Active 
PRECINCT4473Precinct Committee Officer - RepublicanRegular2Paul Schultz310 S GREENACRES RD, SPOKANE VALLEY, WA, 99016 () -5/16/2022 10:53:16 AM  Active 
PRECINCT6003Precinct Committee Officer - DemocraticRegular2Dave Wilson2804 W JOHANNSEN RD, SPOKANE, WA, 99208 (509) 990-14205/16/2022 1:30:19 PM  Active 
PRECINCT6006Precinct Committee Officer - DemocraticRegular2Mary M. Wissink8116 N CALISPEL CT, SPOKANE, WA, 99208[email protected](509) 869-68345/16/2022 10:23:51 AM  Active 
PRECINCT6014Precinct Committee Officer - RepublicanRegular2Brett Danielson716 S GROVE RD, SPOKANE, WA, 99224[email protected](509) 532-15325/16/2022 2:20:38 PM  Active 
PRECINCT6021Precinct Committee Officer - RepublicanRegular2Stephanie Brenden17405 N WEST SHORE RD , NINE MILE FALLS, WA, 99026 (503) 791-62245/16/2022 8:30:00 AM  Active 
PRECINCT6025Precinct Committee Officer - RepublicanRegular2Bridget Rohner14906 W LINCOLN RD, SPOKANE, WA, 99224[email protected](509) 991-09015/16/2022 2:58:29 PM  Active 
PRECINCT6026Precinct Committee Officer - DemocraticRegular2Ryan Grant3915 N BROOKS RD, MEDICAL LAKE, WA, 99022 () -5/16/2022 10:26:02 AM  Active 
PRECINCT6026Precinct Committee Officer - RepublicanRegular2Karen Pace1210 N DEEP CREEK RD, MEDICAL LAKE, WA, 99022[email protected](509) 220-85485/16/2022 11:41:47 AM  Active 
PRECINCT6027Precinct Committee Officer - RepublicanRegular2Tim Fitzgerald1610 E GREENWOOD LN , DEER PARK, WA, 99006[email protected](509) 262-46745/16/2022 8:42:13 AM  Active 
PRECINCT6030Precinct Committee Officer - RepublicanRegular2Joseph Murphy7911 W RIDGEWAY RD, DEER PARK, WA, 99006[email protected](509) 508-93695/16/2022 11:53:16 AM  Active 
PRECINCT6038Precinct Committee Officer - DemocraticRegular2Bernadine Bank16915 N GOLDEN DR, COLBERT, WA, 99005 () -5/16/2022 10:59:41 AM  Active 
PRECINCT6041Precinct Committee Officer - RepublicanRegular2Josh Kerns2622 E CLOVER PARK AVE, MEAD, WA, 99021[email protected](509) 991-41095/16/2022 11:49:27 AM  Active 
PRECINCT6049Precinct Committee Officer - RepublicanRegular2Garith Krause14815 N SHADY SLOPE RD, SPOKANE, WA, 99208 () -5/16/2022 2:54:10 PM  Active 
PRECINCT6057Precinct Committee Officer - DemocraticRegular2Jessica A. PilgrimPO BOX 1644, MEAD, WA, 99021 () -5/16/2022 9:08:59 AM  Active 
PRECINCT6060Precinct Committee Officer - RepublicanRegular2Jennifer A. Killman11306 N ASTOR RD, SPOKANE, WA, 99218 () -5/16/2022 12:31:46 PM  Active 
PRECINCT6061Precinct Committee Officer - DemocraticRegular2Xammie Sullivan302 E BIRCH RD, SPOKANE, WA, 99218[email protected]() -5/16/2022 9:27:15 AM  Active 
PRECINCT6062Precinct Committee Officer - DemocraticRegular2Frank Malone530 W HASTINGS RD, SPOKANE, WA, 99218[email protected](509) 954-57255/16/2022 9:29:33 AM  Active